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Santiago Bisque

Pleated Blind

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Key Points

  • Fully made to measure to your required measurements.
  • Child Safety control tab for easy control when lifting up and down.
  • An ideal blind choice for windows, doors and conservatories.
  • All universal fixing brackets supplied with every pleated blind.
  • Quality pleated structure with a robust slimline aluminium headrail.

Our Santiago pleated blinds are a fantastic, great value blind available in a choice of 4 shades. They are deigned to look stylish anywhere in the home including conservatories. The fabric has Solar Reflective Coating on the reverse face of the fabric to help keeps rooms cool that are exposed to direct sunlight. It also helps prevent fading of the fabric. The blinds are availble with 20mm slats an come with white aluminium head and base rails.

Minimum Width: 20cm
Maximum Width: 190cm
Minimum Drop: 20cm
Maximum Drop: 300cm

Composition: Solar Blacked Fabric

Guarantee: 3 Year Guarantee

5 to 7 Working Days
Measuring for Inside Recess Fitting

 Measure as of below if you want your blind to fit inside the window recess.

  1. Measure in 3 Places - Measure the window recess in 3 places for both width and drop and choose the smallest measurement of the recess. 
  2. Do not make any deductions - as you have measured for inside recess we will make the deductions so your blind will fit perfectly.
  3. When Ordering - When placing your order you will enter the smallest measurements for width and drop into our website and choose the "Recess" option as you have measured for a recess fitting
  4. Top Tip - always use a quality steel tape measure for accurate measuring.


Measuring for Outside Recess Fitting

Measure as of below if you want your blind to hang outside the window recess so it overlaps the window.

  1. Measure the exact width of the area where you would like the blind to cover and we recommend to overlap by 6 cm extra on both sides and 7 cm at the top to allow
    for overlap.
  2. The overlap at the bottom - would be up to yourself as it is personal choice on where you want the bottom of the blind to finish.
  3. When Ordering - When placing your order you will enter the measurements you require for the width and drop into our website and choose the "Exact Blind Size" option as you have measured and want your blind to be made to your exact sizes.
  4. Top Tip - always use a quality steel tape measure for accurate measuring.

How To Measure For Perfect Fit Conservatory Blinds

Firstly before you measure up your windows for perfect blinds you must first make sure you have about 6mm space around your window frame for the perfect fit framing to fit around the window. So keep you eye out for anything that may prevent the framing from going around the window such as door locks or handles, as long as you have 6mm gap all the way around it will be fine.

Then check the seals of your window frame dont protrude over the glass by more than 6mm. Then take a measurement of the depth of the beading seal to see what size brackets you would need which would be 20mm, 24mm and 30mm bracket sizes to choose from.

Lastly measure your windows this is the glass size you need, measure from one side of the glass to the other and again for the drop, remember only measure the size of the glass thats all you need to do.

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