Beige Aluminium Venetian Blinds


Beige Aluminium Venetian Blinds


Beige could be the next rage if you are creative enough to team it up with painted white window recesses and an accent wall. We’ve recognised certain neutral shades are there to accentuate, rather than dictate a room. And beige is possibly one of the best colours to do it.


Don’t think that tone is a washout – far from it, because we’ve created a palette of variations designed to give your space the ultimate lift.


Playing on the heritage Farrow and Ball paint theme, we have created a Soft Stone Venetian blind, which combines contemporary with classic, giving your interior provenance with a modern edge.


Your walls might stretch beyond the straightforward lick of paint and boast either wallpaper or a paint-effect such as stencilled or layered, which means you need a sleek blind in an unassuming colour to break it up. Our Natural Taupe or even Mushroom in the beige range could give that statement a lift.


Mocha against a light wall coating works as a perfect example. We go on to think outside the “beige box” with our shades of Caramel, Honey and Praline, which are designed to team up with any wall finish or trim colours you decide on. 

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