Green Aluminium Venetian Blinds


Green Aluminium Venetian Blinds


This colour range could be all about incorporating the natural look into your home. Depending on the tone, green can either be tranquil and calming or vibrant and exhilarating – it depends on what shade of it you choose.


Let’s say you’ve a kitchen, which has cancelled itself out with white and more white, green blinds could be effective in breaking it up and give it the boost it deserves. On the flip side, a dark, gloomy area such as a confined study might also do well with a set of uplifting window dressings in the appropriate green.


We’ve acknowledged that the colour green plays an important part in our lives and we’ve developed a range of colours that will bring your space to life.


If you are preparing a nursery for that new addition to your family and don’t fancy going the pink or blue route, then there’s our Soft Sheen Peppermint to consider. It is so subtle, yet so effective, especially against a backdrop of wall effects. A hint of green, none the less.


But if you are looking for a more vibrant tone Jungle Book-style, we’ve the blind for you with our Everglades or Deep Ivy colours for instance. 

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