Red & Pink Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Red & Pink Aluminium Blinds

If you’re going to make a statement in an overall room design, then these are the colours to consider. They will spice up a space and are perfect for otherwise bland areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

These vibrant shades speak for themselves and are guaranteed to give any bland space an instant lift.

You might have inherited a kitchen, for example, which has dark and uninspiring units. Instead of going to the expense of replacing the whole lot, think about perking it up with a few inexpensive, but statement blinds.

On the other hand, your space might seem too clinical and all you need is a splash of colour to bring it to life. Damson or Scarlett is choices to consider.

Are you a Pink Princess, where everything from your worktops to washing machine has to be pink? Then our vivid Fuchsia blinds are must-haves for your windows. Just make sure there’s a generally neutral backdrop to make the “pink impact”.

The Aliventi Candyfloss aluminium Venetian blind could be an option if you have darker units, which need a lift.

This colour range, 16 shades in all, could also be ideal for young girls’ bedrooms. Pink might be their passion, but you can always break it with Aliventi Coral or Damson. Then again, our Brick shade in this Red and Pink range could offset a teenage-boy cave perfectly.

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