White Aluminium Venetian Blinds



White Aluminium Venetian Blinds


Take the no-nonsense advantages of aluminium Venetian blinds to the next level, by choosing the ultimate neutral of shade of white.

We’ve gone that extra mile; by producing a “colour within a colour” range, which takes into account your specific requirements and personal style.


If white is right up your street, then look at the variants we have to offer. There’s more than a few choices from our Aliventi white range – a name inspired by Oddo Aliventi, a 20th century Italian visual sculptor.


Going down the uncompromising smooth and uncomplicated interior route? Then Aliventi White High Gloss blinds will complete a sharp, clean look.


If your overall interior dictates, then you might need to throw in an organic element, which our Aliventi White Matte will deliver.


And if you are keen to combine a vintage-meets-ultra-modern layout, the Aliventi Porcelain White could be what you need to finish it off.


These three options are simply for starters. We’ve another 10 shades of white to choose from. Our White range of Venetian aluminium blinds include: White Shimmer for a subtle hint of bling; Soft Sheen Snowflake, which could break up a white-on-white interior; and Chalk White for a more earthy effect. 

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