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Beige Blackout Blinds

Beige, in whatever shade, is a neutral, relaxing and calming colour with the same softness as white, but with warmer tones. Our Beige platform is our biggest with a whopping 53 choices, the saying “beige is boring” simply doesn’t apply here.

On the solid front beige comes in a multitude of shades: organic Roxy Blackout Pebble, Mocha, Hessian, Clay, Putty Oyster and Butter; Memphis Taupe, Chocolate, Vanilla and Ivory; Costello Almond and Stone and the khaki-beige Estella Navarre or the oaty Estella Victoria.Shaker-style chunky vertical stripes come in the form of the Napa Oslo, Isla and Mersin in varying beige tones. Or for horizontal, narrower stripes there’s the Midas Opal and Midas Moonstone, which can be used in smaller spaces such as bathrooms and bijou kitchens.Most of the beige Blackouts are solid, however, there’s Rosa Calico an eye-catching vintage print blind, which would be perfect for a bedroom or even a small low-beamed living room with accents of country life.Of course, Blackout blinds have a practical function, but they can also go a long way towards finishing off a space’s specific style. Beige is a contender here due to its spectrum of hues, but still keeping on the neutral path.

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