Off All Blinds !

Blackout Blinds


Grey & Black Blackout Blinds

The revolution in interior design at the turn of the last century propelled monochromatic colours into the spotlight as designers became more and more daring in their approach to interiors.

If you aren’t confident that solid black will work in your space, why not consider charcoal and dark greys alternatives? As opposed to our very black Vitra Liquorice, the Moire Blackout Charcoal could be a good alternative. Some of our grey Blackouts are patterned to break through the monotony of the shade. There’s Carey Blackout Silver Grey or Rosa Shadow, which would create a distinctly elegant mood in interiors with their floral reliefs. But if you’re feeling in the modern mood, there’s Arto Slate, with its funky shooting star design. Our solid greys can be quite soothing and can complement bolder colours. There’s the Reuben Dove Grey, Vitra Vapour or even Vitra Flint. Let’s assume, however, that you are confident that black is what you’ll be using somewhere in your interior scheme, then you could look at Vitra Zinc and the abovementioned Vitra Liquorice. Black teamed up with camel colours and if you are feeling really adventurous - red.

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