All Wood Perfect Fit Blinds

Alu Wood Perfect Fit Blinds  

Deciding on having an Alu Wood blind is a great option as you get the benefits of an easy to clean, non-warping product with a stylish wood type finish but of course it needs to fit perfectly and easily.

We construct the perfect fit blinds to make it as simple as possible for you to install them yourself.  Your order will come with - the frame in which ever of the two colours you selected – brown or white. Then your selected colour and style of alu wood blind which is mounted on a strong aluminum head rail and has already been slotted into the top and bottom of the frame you will just need to slot in the left and right sides.  You will be supplied with the fixing brackets and all you will need is a cross-headed (Phillips) screwdriver to complete the fitting, no drilling is required.  

The blinds have been made to the measurements of your glass size and beading depth of your window so that the brackets easily slip into the beading and then you simply hang the frame onto the brackets and it is held firmly in place.  The operating controls can then be used to close or adjust the tilt of the blinds. You now have an effective and perfectly fitted alu wood blind to protect you and your possessions from sunlight.  

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