Beige Roller Blinds

Beige Roller Blinds

Our Beige rollers come a wide range of plains, patterned and textured finishes and these look great in long windows or to give high-ceilinged rooms a cosier feel without compromising on a feeling of space.


Plain Beige blinds can subtly complement an area’s decor, without removing attention from your main design features, but it works vice versa because not all our Beige rollers are plain Janes -- a minimalistic space can be given depth with some of the patterned and textured units.


In the Roxy range, beige is given depth, by slightly more coarser texturing, such as Roxy Hessian and Roxy Pebble. The Arundel Taupe is a beige variant, which also packs a punch. These are good for heritage colour interiors and for organic floor coverings such as seagrass and sisal.

There more than a few Vintage type roller blinds in the Beige stable and these include: recessed patterned Grace Vintage, with a gold undertone and Reflection Antique, a lighter cream-beige. 

There are also tributes to days-gone-by with classic 70s Alexia Natural or the more 70s-trendy bold-patterned Othello Myth or the 80s-esque Sephora Sand and pink-beige faintly floral Farah Ecru.

For a hint of transparency there’s Innocence Beige or Puriti Cashmere. These are warmer tones, given more dimension with natural sunlight.

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