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Roller Blinds


Brown Roller Blinds


Choose brown roller blinds if you want to create a natural, earthy look in your space or to contrast against an overly feminine design. Although a notoriously masculine colour, these can look good against light or even pastel walls.


There are solid browns going from Amazon Bark, a sandy-brown to the impactive dark-brown Satara Chocolate, which work well against patterned wallpaper backdrops, especially if the window frame is in a lighter, contrasting colour. The Vibe Otter, a moss-brown, works surprisingly well against a pastel pink, delicately patterned wall.

 This palette may have fewer choices, but its a comprehensive range nonetheless. There are 23 choices, so brown doesn’t have to be boring. This including embossed effects such as the Mimmi Chocolate, which has a latte tone with a cable twist pattern to the Moloko Bronze with a dark floral pattern in the foreground. Just bear in mind though, that brown window dressings aren’t ideal for small spaces or for rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, where you rely on natural light.

The lighter brown Acacia Coffee or even the Acacia Peat look particularly good against retro-style wallpapers, which have lots of concentric or geometric patterns.

The Vibe Taupe and Vibe Cinder are more softer tones of brown, which go hand-in-hand with a Vintage look.

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