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Roller Blinds

Avoca Vega Avoca Vega

Avoca Vega

Now From £14.09
Lola Passo Lola Passo

Lola Passo

Now From £18.59
Aria Zinc Aria Zinc

Aria Zinc

Now From £14.09
Alessi Jet Alessi Jet

Alessi Jet

Now From £14.09
Mezza Gris Mezza Gris

Mezza Gris

Now From £16.79
Rose Black Rose Black

Rose Black

Now From £14.99
Yolo Noir Yolo Noir

Yolo Noir

Now From £14.99
Lainey Jet Lainey Jet

Lainey Jet

Now From £14.36
Vibe Grey Vibe Grey

Vibe Grey

Now From £12.56
Vibe Night Vibe Night

Vibe Night

Now From £12.56
Vibe Ash Vibe Ash

Vibe Ash

Now From £12.56


Grey & Black Roller Blinds


Grey and black roller blinds can add an additional depth to a window. This is our widest colour range with more than 60 to choose from -- from block colours to patterns and textures.

For a good variation of greys and blacks there’s the Roxy roller blinds -- Flint for a muted grey; Rock for a more granite effect; Noir, which is what it says on the tin -- basic black; or Tropez, a soft dove grey.


These would be quite at home in a corporate environment, but teamed up with soft furnishings this selection would fit into a home setting just as well.

On the pattern front, we have some exciting choices from the whimsical Nina Whisp with its filigree black on grey or Nina Shadow’s white on grey to bold designs such as vertical black, white and grey stripes of the Lola Paso or the Lola Twist, which adds a splash of yellow.

There’s also some classical alternatives like the Calista Ash, a delicate repeat of slate dandelion heads against a grey-white or the shimmering Reflection Silver and Reflection Graphite, with their tendril pattern reliefs.

If you opt for the block colours, these could team up with soft window dressings such as ethereal voile to heavily patterned drapes. Look at shades that will create a dramatic contrast.

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