Orange Roller Blinds

Orange Roller Blinds


Think of the sun setting, dipping on the horizon and rising again at the break of dawn: this is where we’ve gained our inspiration when it comes to presenting our ranges sporting the colour orange.

Despite its earthiness, orange is a contemporary colour when it comes to interior design. It has been the flavour of last century in one form or another, and seems to have stood the test of modern time.


We have kept our orange palette comprehensive because it’s purely a colour that has no need to reinvent itself. Orange is bold and uncompromising and needs to be flanked by neutral wall tones. It can be extremely effective against high gloss, white window frames. You would do this colour an injustice if you chose to challenge it with with a myriad of different textures and patterns.

It can stand out against smooth white lines, but try beige or off-white accentuations to maximise its impact. The Roxy Cinnabar is a case in point, going centre stage in a skip and a jump.

Not all shades of orange are as straightforward though. There are muted tones within this colour range. It can be toned down to an extent like the Acacia Sweet Potato roller blind, which manages to blend a multi-layered dimension, as well as giving a designated area a boost.


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