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Roller Blinds

Lush Sago Lush Sago

Lush Sago

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Fern Grape Fern Grape

Fern Grape

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Vibe Blush Vibe Blush

Vibe Blush

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Pink & Lilac Roller Blinds


This colour spectrum has a two-pronged result -- most of tones are bright and cheerful, as well as warm and depth-creating. Pink is a wildly popular interior colour choice and we’ve taken this into account by providing you with 30 shades.


The shades and patterns are nothing short of delicious and are there to put a smile on your face. Popular in girly-girl bedrooms, these variants on pink and lilac aren’t only geared for spaces with a feminine slant though. They can be used to break up pure white areas such as kitchens and bathrooms -- the Roxy Sorbet (a deep crushed raspberry) and the UniColour FR Purple are prime choices for cutting through clinical lines. Patterns abound in this Pink and Lilac smorgasbord. There’s the gel-like floral pattern of the Nora Mulberry for a quirky interior; the pretty pink Eleanor Rose relief for shabby chic; the funky Bloom Mulberry to give a fun element a contemporary classic layout; the geometric Allegra Grape and the paint-swatch effect of the Coralee Blush for a 70s-inspired environment.

What’s great about this spectrum is that it goes from really deep tones such as Vibe Grape Juice to the fancy-free Roxy Candy. So, if your walls are light, create depth with a darker pink or lilac, and if they’re darker, brighten them up with one of the pastel drops.

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