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Acacia Red Acacia Red

Acacia Red

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Musa Chili Musa Chili

Musa Chili

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Sio Rocoto Sio Rocoto

Sio Rocoto

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Delia Ruby Delia Ruby

Delia Ruby

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Red & Pink Roller Blinds


Let’s go down the “colour psychology” route and recognise that red is an emotionally intense colour. It’s possibly the strongest primary statement colour. It’s all about strength, power and creating a visual impact.


A lighter hue of red talks to us about romance, love and friendship though, which is why we have created a spectrum of solid-colour, as well as patterned roller blinds in varying red and pink hues to cater for every taste.


Roxy Fever, as an example, is all about the ultimate real red though, creating a sensational element within the overall decor. Acacia Red will have a similar effect, it’s punchy and takes no prisoners. Close on their heels is Vibe Bright Red, which comes in the most solid of solid red and needs to be against a passive background to give 

Use red wisely, though, because it will have the tendency to overwhelm. So, make sure it’s used sparingly and perhaps consider patterns, if you plan to incorporate it within an interior which has multi-elements.

Having said that, however, there are many shades of red and pink, so these can a simple, key element in an overall scheme.

Satino Crimson is an artful meld of a crisp white floral pattern on bright red, which allows for the opportunity of using this roller blind as a key component in your decor. It’s high impact value allows other features to provide a less-is-more effect.

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