Terms & Conditions

1. Our Contract

When ordering products from the Wilsons Blinds website we can only process you order when the goods ordered have been paid for in full by credit or debit card. The reason for this is that when ordering blinds you are ordering a made to measure product. Your order will then be processed after the 2-hour cancellation period has passed and your order will then go into production with the exception of Express orders which are processed straight away therefore exempt from the 2-hour cancellation period. Wilsons Blinds will then have the products ordered by the customer manufactured and then deliver by way of courier service. When ordering your made to measure blinds you are agreeing to a legal binding contract, Made to measure blinds are made to your precise measurements and there for can not be resalable however you do have the right to cancel your order with in our cancellation period if you have a change of mind, or require to make any amendments to your order. After the 2 hour period has expired then any errors made when ordering online or via our customer service team by phone are then the customer’s liability, as all customers must ensure they check their orders within the 2 hour period for standard delivery and immediatley for Express orders . Please be aware that we use several of the largest factories in the country to make our blinds and therefore components brackets and head rails, pelmets ect can vary if further information is required please contact our customer services. 

1A .Child Safety Legislation 

From 1st April 2014 our factories will be fully compliant with the new Child Safety Legislation in both the products we send and the necessary documentation , warning tags and safety devices to support the products.The control length we will supply will always be to the maximum length allowed based on the drop of the blind you provide .Therefore if a blind drop is less than or equal to 250cm then the control length will be between 50cm and 100cm maximum depending on your blind drop. If the blind drop is greater than 250cm then the maximum control length will be between 100cm and a maximum of 150cm again depending on your blind drop.If you have any queries with reference to the above please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team via email . 

2.Wilsons Blinds 3 Year Guarantee

Wilson’s Blinds offer a 3 Year Guarantee from all orders placed after 1st April 2010 on all made to measure blinds which will consist of a 1 Year Manufacturers Guarantee which covers all blinds for any defects, fading, fraying, or any such problems that will cause the blind to stop working, the blind will be picked up and taken to our factory and fixed, if the blind is unfixable we will replace with a new one. The extended 2 Years of the Guarantee will cover the blind for any parts which may fail and stop the blind from working only, Wilsons Blinds will send out any parts or components which may cause this problem as long as the blind is still a manufactured product so this is a replacement part guarantee where applicable only. If a blind is remade then the damaged or incorrect blind must be made available for collection within 14 days of receipt of the replaced item otherwise you are liable for the replacement item as well as the cost of the original.Please be advised any product altered by the customer will invalidate the guarantee offered.

3. Price

The price you will pay is the price shown at the checkout and on your order confirmation invoice, these prices are inclusive of VAT and the total price shown is the price your will pay. When receiving your confirmation invoice you are responsible for the goods ordered and Wilsons Blinds recommend for all customers to check you order total before you proceed to pay for the goods on line and also to check your order confirmation invoice to insure you are completely happy with the price of the goods ordered and that you have used any relevant offers or discount codes that apply.If the price of the goods , delivery or voucher and discount codes changes after the 2hr cancellation period then you still pay the price as per your order confirmation no increase will be implemented unless you alter the size or product or make any changes to your order and no discount code or further or different voucher or discount code can be applied after the 2hrs has expired.Only one Voucher or discount code can be applied per order placed.

4. Your Right To Cancel Or Amend Your Order

As our window blinds are made to measure you have a 2 hour cancellation period only . This is excludes Next Day Delivery orders which can not be cancelled as those orders will be sent straight into production. If you wish to cancel an order within 2 hours please email info@wilsonsblinds.co.uk or telephone customer services on 0344 800 2066. Once we have been informed of order cancellation Wilsons Blinds will then refund your payment and notify you by email to confirm your order has been cancelled. After the 2 hour cancellation period your order can not be cancelled as your order will be in production and materials, fabrics and components will be cut to size in order to make and deliver your made to measure products .According to the Consumer Contracts Regulation, made to measure i.e blinds are excluded from this legislation and the 14 day cancellation rights do not apply.

5. Our Right To Cancel Your Order

Wilson’s Blinds have the right to cancel your order if ( 1) We have insufficient stock to make and deliver the goods ordered ( 2) If you have ordered from a County, Island or Country where we do not deliver to (3 ) The goods ordered unknown to us have suddenly been discontinued. (4) A pricing error or typing error has occurred due to system failure within our database or website. (5) If for any reason beyond our reasonable control, we are unable to supply or deliver a particular item, we will notify you as soon as possible. No discounts or compensation can be offered under these unforeseen circumstances Wilsons Blinds would notify you of this by email .

6. Delivery Of Your Goods

Delivery takes approximately 5 to 7 working days for most products ordered, please refer to our Delivery page on the website for further details. However we cannot be held responsible for late deliveries due to problems with courier services or customers not being present to sign for the goods on delivery. We will endeavor to deliver you order as soon as possible and please contact Wilsons Blinds customer services regarding any delivery problems you may have. All goods will be delivered to the address provided and must be signed for upon receipt. Wilsons Blinds advise all customers who are booking a handy man or fitter to install their blinds, not to book a date for them to be fitted until your order has been delivered and that you have checked that their are no defects and that all parts and brackets are complete. If the couriers cannot complete the delivery and the order is returned to the factory then there is a re-delivery charge of £8.50 for the order to be re-dispatched. 

7.Defective And Damaged Goods

Wilson’s Blinds will repair or replace any goods to this nature, which have been damaged or have manufacturing defects but no discount or refund can be offered. We reserve the right to uplift the goods for inspection if deemed nessasary prior to resolving an issue.All Customers when in receipt of their order have 14 days to report any damaged or defective goods due to manufacturing, or damage caused while being in the delivery process, customers must open their parcels once they have been delivered to check the goods are not damaged and fully intact, and also do check that all parts, fixing brackets and accessories are all complete within 14 days. Please be advised that we reserve the right to request that the order or remake order is checked with the delivery company at time of delivery and any damages reported as such with the delivery driver . If ourselves or the factory require this we will advise you prior to delivery via email .Damaged blinds must be returned within 14 days of receipt of your remake or you will be charged the original order cost of the blinds in question and the remake also. With exception of products fitted in an unsuitable environment for the material supplied, this for example would apply to any product other than a waterproof blind being fitted in damp or moist area could affect the fabric or working of the blind as it is not a suitable choice for the area and purpose.

Because our goods are "made to measure" you shall have no right to amend or cancel your order, return the goods or seek any refund of the price paid by you from us. This is because when we receive your order, the manufacturing process begins immediately and the goods are manufactured to your exact specification. Accordingly, pursuant to Regulation 13(1)(c) of the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations.

8. Product Description And Measurements

The products on our website are examples of the fabric or materials only they have been scanned from a piece of the fabric or material itself, due to different types, styles and settings of computer monitors shading and colour can not an exact colour. Due to this Wilsons Blinds do advise before placing your order to request a free sample of the fabric or material before buying so you can make sure you are happy with the quality and colour of the fabric or material before ordering. Due to colour variations between product batches we cannot guarantee shade matching as most fabrics are dyed each batch can vary slightly in shade or for example woods blinds being a natural product can differ slightly like all other blinds. Some of our ranges offer co-coordinated extras i.e. tapes or head and bottoms rails these are as the manufacturers deem co-ordinated and as we use various factories components and parts can vary if you require further information on this prior to ordering please do not hesitate to contact our customer services for confirmation via email info@wilsonsblinds.co.uk. Please be aware samples sent are an example of quality and colour and not always the Tape or slat size ordered or provided. Due to the print design of some pattern fabrics it is not guaranteed the fabric will reflect the full range of colours or pattern design, if you are in any doubt as to the precise nature of the fabric you are advised to call our customer services for further advice. Whilst every attempt will be made by Wilsons Blinds to ensure that the Goods sold and delivered match in every respect any sample or description shown or given or sent to You, any minor or immaterial variation, change in colour or pattern between the sample or description and the Goods delivered shall not entitle You to reject the Goods nor to claim any compensation for such variation or change.

Our made to measure blinds are made to you precise measurements and cannot be sent back for a refund if you do not like the product you have bought. If you the customer have ordered a product from our website without ordering a sample first then unfortunately Wilsons Blinds can not be held responsible if you do not like the colour or quality of the goods ordered and no replacements or refunds will be given. All customers must check the product and measurements of the goods before placing their order either online or by phone and are responsible for checking the order within our 2hr cancellation period to ensure all the order details are correct and if any amendments or cancellation is required this must be advised by email via the contact us page on our website within the 2hr period , express orders are exempt of the 2hr period as are sent straight to processing . Customers are advised that if ordering in inches as it is a size converter and will show at the basket before ordering the size in centimeters to check that the size is correct before completing the order or within the cancellation period and fully understand the meaning of Recess and Exact, help on measuring and specifications of all products are found on the Wilsons Blinds website. If unsure about any products or how to measure please call our sales team for help before ordering. Goods which Your order is manufactured according to the measurements you provide, due to the nature of bespoke blinds manufactured sizes may vary within a tolerance of 4-5mm and shall not entitle you to reject the goods. Please be aware on roller blinds and vertical blinds you are ordering the whole product not just the fabric size, please contact our customer services if unsure. 

Venetian blinds will be rounded to the next slat width up if the length required falls between the slats when open, so your blind will be slightly longer rather then shorter to apply with industry standards. Please note that our blinds are made by highly skilled professionals who will be as acurate as possible with in a variance of + / - 3cm on wooden venetian and aluminium venetian blinds. We will not replace the order if the sizes are within this tolerance limit and you will not be entitled to reject the goods.

9. Copyright Of Images On Our Website

All the swatch images of the products on the Wilsons Blinds website are copyright to our company, these images have been scanned and created by a design company and invoiced and paid for by Wilsons Blinds. Any person or company downloading or taking a copy of these images will be hearing direct from our company solicitors. It is illegal to remove and use images from another persons or companies website.

10. Samples

We offer a free sample service, which will be sent first class via Royal Mail for you .If you require a sample of anything not offering a free sample option online please contact our customer services who will be happy to help i.e Braid, Tape Ladders, Pelmet/Valances any other co-ordinates. Tape Ladder samples and Braid can be provided for colour and example only please be aware that the width of the actual Ladder or Braid is dependant on Slat size, shape or blind size ordered and if confirmation is required prior to ordering please contact our customer services via email info@wilsonsblinds.co.uk who can confirm the relevant details for you. 

11. Privacy Policy

Any information we collect from you is only for the use of Wilsons Online Retail Ltd only we may use this information to contact you with any future products, offers or related websites within our company. However this will not be given to any third parties. If you wish to be removed from any of our mailing lists please email our marketing team at marketing@wilsonsblinds.co.uk and put UNSUBSCRIBE in the email header, or you can unsubscribe by clicking unsubscribe at the top of the e shot email you have received.

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12. Sales & Offers

Wilson Blinds from time to time may offer discounts in the way of an extra percentage off all products which is called a flash sale and in the event of a flash sale where there is a discount across all prices our free delivery offers or any voucher codes will not be applicable at the time of a flash sale as only a single discount will be applied per order. Sale discounts can not be honered after a sale has ended.


If you have any queries regarding our terms and conditions, complaint or general query please write to our company head office.

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