Beige Vertical Blinds


Beige Vertical Blinds


If you look closely at an all-white room, you will probably notice that it’s not really all-white, even though it appears that way at first glance. On closer inspection you will see numerous shades of cream and beige. There’ll be different textures such as wood, linen and earthy cottons such as calico.


Beige verticals are great at blending in to create an uninterrupted flow of a calm and tranquil interior.


Keeping to true beige there’s Roxy Sand, Roxy Hessian and Roxy Beige, and there’s also Lotus Linen and Mimmi Natural. These are champions at combining with other interior elements to give off that “less is more” effect.


If your interior dictates late harvest tones then the Benedict Barley, Hendricks Beige, Acacia Taupe and Acacia Pebble.


Taking beige out of the traditional realm, there’s Radiant Buff and Radiant Brown, which gives these beiges soily, darker tones. And darker still is the Roxy Havana, Acacia Coffee, Hendricks Chocolate and Memphis Chocolate.


For that unbroken blind illusion, we have a few patterns such as the Morse Natural, a retro pattern; Deacon Natural; Mimmi Chocolate; Salsa Dark taupe and Adira Natural, which creates a rattan or bamboo blind effect.





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