Blue Vertical Blinds


Blue Vertical Blinds


Blue blinds on large or picture windows can be a show-stopper but remember not all windows are made equal.


Before you plan any window treatment, bear in mind that they can work like a canvas or flat wall when closed. Our verticals could give you the best of both worlds -- controlled natural light when open, but a design feature when closed.


Blue is a popular colour choice when it comes to office space because it gives off a mood of calm, but confident. It is also associated with a secure and orderly environment. Businesses that aim to project an image of security and reliability often opt for blue. Radiant Royal and Roxy Reign are punchy dark blues, which would work well in a workspace. UniColour FR Navy is another consideration.


We also have some Blackouts in our blue vertical blind range, such as Roxy Blackout Indigo and Roxy Blackout Regatta, but if you need something fresh and light, the Roxy Blackout Tiffany might be for you.


Patterns feature in this range too, such as Nina Duck Egg, which mimics the texture of eggshell, and Morse Blue, an 80s-inspired vertical pattern with hints of reds and pinks. 

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