Cream Vertical Blinds


Cream Vertical


There’s a ratio which is often used in interiors - 60% may be a neutral cream, 30% may be bold colours and 10% patterned soft furnishings. It is also okay to choose three varying shades of the same colour for a neutral, more calming space.


This is where our cream colours in the vertical blinds come in. If your walls have deeper warm tones, then consider true creams like our Roxy Canvas, Radiant Cream, Radiant Vanilla, Cameo Cream or even Acacia Cream.


If your walls have off-white surfaces, then opt for a vertical blind which will stand out. There’s Roxy Blackout Butter, Phoenix Fawn and Easton and Deacon creams, which are subtly moving away from traditional cream.


Going off the cream piste, without losing the label are verticals such as Kira Cream, with a hint of grey; Roxy Putty, a “muddy” cream; Oaty Adira Cream; and Stratford Cream with its earthy tones.


We even have a few creams with a touch of pink such as Albany Cream or Tesselation Light Sand. These could work well against duck egg blue walls or even muted green surfaces.


If your verticals are going to hang beside rough wall surfaces, like bare brick, then consider Satara Cream or Estella Navarre, which have organic overtones.

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