Green Vertical Blinds


Green Vertical Blinds


You can weave this colour into almost any interior, but it does require a little thought as there are hundreds of green variations out there. Soothing green can be as calming as it’s bold. In our Vertical green spectrum good examples of this include: Radiant Grass, a muted green; Roxy Grama, radiant, but soft; Acacia Olive, a rich green, toned down with a hint of khaki.


If you are in the mood for pushing the boat out and going bold, then there’s enough here for you to choose from. Iridescent hues can finish off an interior with neutral wall coverings and a splash of vibrant colours in the soft furnishings. See what you think of these: Unicolour FR Lime, Roxy Vine and Acacia Emerald. These should be your main feature though, because they are colours that “shout”.


If you are looking for wall paint to team up with your chosen green, then consider Taupe by Graham and Brown. It’s neither blue nor green, a perfect combination of both; Farrow and Ball’s Ammonite, neutral, but not dull; or Beaufort Gardens by Mylands, which simply whispers green.


Our Benedict Moss has a woven, textured effect, but it’s one of the darkest greens and should be incorporated into surroundings which aren’t going to be bogged down by its presence. 

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