Orange Vertical Blinds


Orange Vertical Blinds


A true orange is related to fun and frivolity. It is also thought to stimulate the appetite, making it a popular choice for areas such as kitchens and dining rooms. On the other hand, it also represents comfort and a sense of abundance.


It is also a good team player and compliments other bold colours such as blues, yellows and even reds and is equally at home against greys, greens and browns.


Orange comes in an abundance of shades and proof of this is our wide selection of orange verticals.


For real impact, not bright, but rather richer colours include: Roxy Blackout Cinnabar, Memphis Terracotta and Roxy Tango. Team these up with deep blues and other royal jewel colours like purples and even golds.


If you need softer tones of orange take a look at Acacia Sweet Potato, Lotus Peach and Pipkin Pumpkin.


Salsa Copper, Benedict Copper Unicolour FR Sierra pay tribute to burnished metals to give the space an opulent air. The Benedict Copper has an added worsted pattern to give it the edge.


Ribbon Orange has a distinct 70s orange and pink leaf pattern and would be great for a fun spot in the home or in a sewing, and arts and crafts area.

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