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Pink & Lilac Vertical Blinds


Many of us don’t think pink when it comes to our interiors, disregarding this colour because it’s synonymous with girls’ bedrooms - soft pinks for babies and hotter pinks for teenager. Pink is a misunderstood colour because it can bring elegance and grace to central living spaces and serenity in grown-ups’ bedrooms.


Let’s explore the pale pink options available in our vertical blind section: there’s Memphis Baby Pink, the palest of pale pink, which would look good not only in a nursery, but in a morning room or a small conservatory; Acacia Mallow is reminiscent of marshmallows and can grace an area, which has a Kath Kitson vibe, with a lot of bright greens and reds; Roxy Blackout Powder would be perfect in either a girl’s or adult bedroom, as it has the Blackout feature to ensure a good sleep.


Punchier pinks like Roxy Blackout Kiss, Memphis Raspberry and Acacia Milk Thistle could be an advantage in trendy spaces, which use a lot of grey tones. They’ll certainly add a bright splash of colour to a smoky-toned space.


Soft lilacs do fall into the feminine category of colours, but these can be teamed up with bolder primary tones to create contrast. Roxy Mineral, Roxy Powder and Roxy Venus are contenders, as well as our Tesselation Soft Lavender.

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