Red & Pink Vertical Blinds


Red & Pink Vertical Blinds


The colour red can be tricky to incorporate successfully into an interior design because it’s dominant and has the tendency to overwhelm if not used cleverly. Out of all the primary colours it is the most powerful and evocative of emotion.


Red is a colour of the fire element in feng shui and it can create warmth and evoke excitement and passion. A warm red can be cosy and intense.


Blood red or scarlet is a neutral shade, which means it has neither cool nor warm tones, but it will look good in most spaces, just as long as you pay attention the overall look of the room. Nera Scarlett and Roxy Scarlett in our vertical blind range, would fit into this category.


For warmer reds, with orange undertones there’s our Staten Lava, Roxy Fever and Roxy Ruby.


For a red with jewel tones there’s Memphis Crimson and Estella Raspberry.


On the cusp of the red palette are our range of vertical blinds, which have florid pink elements. Roxy Kiss and Acacia Scarlett fit into this box.


For a patterned effect there’s Fall Red, which is broken up with a white relief. Other pattern blinds include: Deacon Crimson and Conran Claret.

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