White Vertical Blinds


White Vertical Blinds


If you’re considering vertical blinds, perhaps for a floor to ceiling window in a contemporary setting or a conservatory, then you’ll be spoilt for colour choice here. We have more than 60 vertical blinds in varying shades of block whites. It’s clear that patterns are rare in verticals, but remember, their design offers natural breaks in solid colours.


We’ve the Nina Wispa “filigree floral” effect, which creates the illusion of an uninterrupted background, camouflaging the vertical’s splits.


While vertical blinds are associated mostly with office spaces, more and more homes are introducing this type of blind design into their interiors. They might not be ideal for master bedrooms or classical layouts in living areas, but they won’t disappoint in kitchens, leisure areas, such as conservatories, children’s playrooms and home studies.


If you want to give your space an airy, light feel, opt for whiter than white verticals such as our Radiant White, Roxy Frost or even Cleo White.


On the other hand, you might want to add some warmth to the space where the verticals will hang. Maybe try Phoenix Ivory, Cameo White, which has a hint of cream, or Hendricks White, with its grey undertones.

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