Cream Waterproof Blinds


Cream Waterproof Blinds


Cream is brilliant if you want to use tone-on-tone patterns or need to focus on texture It can be a perfect backdrop for all things natural and earthy. If your pool room or conservatory has a rustic look, cream blinds won’t interfere with the overall effect.


Our Waterproof blind cream selection gives you the chance to match a warm colour to add to the feel of the space you are decorating.


Albany Cream is ideal for an area which has elements of bold colours. This Waterproof will tone it down and not distract from the main focus.


The Unilux Butter won’t mess with a clean, uncomplicated space. Take a pure white bathroom, for example. This space will benefit from an element of warmth, without compromising on the “less is more” decor.


The Unilux Cream has a mere smattering of cream undertones and presents itself as something more within the white range. This is ideal if you have an all-white bathroom or kitchen which has unbroken white lines. It will some warmth to the space, without letting on that belongs to the cream stable.


If you have an area which includes water then it might be an idea to opt for the Diva Vanity waterproof blind, which has a definite undertone of blue.



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