Grey & Black Waterproof Blinds


Grey & Black Waterproof Blinds - Grey and Black


A dark and oppressive effect is how many people see the use of grey or black on windows. Black has long been avoided, but more and more people are gaining confidence in the use of these colours, especially with neutral backgrounds.


If you choose to install black or grey blinds, choose a lighter coloured window frame and trim to balance the contrast.


A white window frame would work with our Unilux Black vertricals. It’s the darkest and boldest black in this range. Our muted Metz Black, with hints of flint, would happily sit inside a dove grey frame.


You can team up both the greys and the blacks with more vibrant colours though. It’s not written in stone that you stick to the neutral route.


 You can match the Phoenix Charcoal with bolder primary colours such as pillarbox red and emerald green.


On the grey front Unilux Grey, almost white, but with a touch of grey, is perfect for pastel shades such greens, pinks, lilacs, powder blues and lemon sorbet.


You might think that grey or black blinds will look out of place in a kitchen and bathrooms, but take time out to look at our waterproof colour range and consider these shades as an option.

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