Pink & Lilac Waterproof Blinds


Pink & Lilac Waterproof Blinds


Neutral shades are the obvious choice when it comes to bathrooms and kitchen, but this shouldn’t stop you from venturing into a new experience of vibrant colour.


Bathrooms are often small spaces, which makes the use of colour risky,  but it’s worth it. Invest a little time and thought injecting a shot colour to transform an otherwise bland and uninspiring space. Go bold, without going overboard.


Our lilac and pink range currently consists of two shades -- Unilux Lilac and Unilux Flamingo. Each brings their own distinctive character to an interior even though they’re possibly on divergent sides of the colour spectrum.


Let’s take a look at the flamboyant Unilux Flamingo, its deliberate vivacity makes it an intentional statement of joy. It would work well with pure white fittings in both bathrooms and kitchens. It’s a colour that stimulates not only the decor, but also can uplift the mood of the people enjoying the space. With this choice of colour, it might be a good idea to install a dimmer switch to soften this bold statement.


The Unilux Lilac sets a contrasting mood to the Flamingo. With its whisper of lilac, adds a dimension to the area, be it bathroom or kitchen. This colour could be used on smaller windows, to create a perception of spaciousness.

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