Red & Pink Waterproof Blinds


Red & Pink Waterproof Blinds


All-white kitchens are all the rage and this trend looks like it’s not going away anytime soon. But word on the interior world’s grapevine is that colour is making a comeback to the kitchen.


Homeowners are becoming inspired by their virtually colourless kitchens and are adding elements of colour to create a bit of character and extra dimension. The Staten Lava and Unilux Lava are reds in our Waterproof range, while will give a white kitchen that shot of colour it might be needing.


Natural vivid green foliage works against a red backdrop, so once you’ve hung our Waterproof blinds, visit a plant nursery and pick out a green plant, which complements the red you plumped for. Consider a white pot for the plant, to tie the three colours together.


Bathroom interiors, especially those will a classical and opulent accents might benefit from the Phoenix Burgundy, a jewel-colour Waterproof, which you can put directly above steam, even if you have a shower and it will stand the test of time.


For a trendier look, and a colour which verges on purple is the Unilux Astor. It can be teamed up with bright colours like yellows and greens, but will be equally impactive with neutral surroundings.


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