White Waterproof Blinds


White Waterproof Blinds


Here we look at blinds with a purpose - combining  style with functionality. Waterproof blinds have a role in either a bathroom, kitchens (domestic, as well as commercial), pool rooms and areas which could include features water features such as spa baths and jacuzzis.


In these settings, waterproof is the way to go, but don’t let the functionality aspect override your for style and choice of colour coordination


White is a safe bet in these settings, which is why we have put together a range varying tones to cater for specific tastes.


The Samba Frost is a to-the-point white -- cool and crisp and a perfect addition to an all-white decor. It’s not making a statement, rather it compliments the overall purist look.


We can easily become intimidated by white, but perhaps it’s time we saw white as a totally fresh start and once you have this clean slate, you can take your time to add extra colour and different textures and key elements.


And you don’t have to stick to pristine white to give you the effect you need - there’s a few plays on white such as our Samba Oyster to give your designated area dimension. Samba Oyster incorporates a layer or two of warm tones. This is ideal for large areas, where you might still need to keep it as monotone as possible, but still need a touch of warmth.

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