Yellow Waterproof Blinds


Yellow Waterproof Blinds


At this stage, we only offer one shade of yellow in our Waterproof blind section, but it’s a wonderfully subtle shade - Unilux Buttercup - which is sure to find a good home to complement.


What could be more inviting than a splash of yellow because it is, afterall, the shade of long cloudless days. It is a great shade for winter, because it is reminiscent of summer fields and sunshine.


Colour blocking is all the rage, so there are many ways to make yellow work for you in either the kitchen or bathroom, areas that both require Waterproof blinds.


Buttercup works well with either a vivid, bold primary such as blue or it will enhance dark grey and oat-inspired backdrops.


Once you’ve the blind up, you could look at adding gentle yellow accessories like towels, bath mats and even go as far as choosing soaps in the same colour. Bath salts in glass bottles, a similar colour to your blind could enhance the whole look.

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