Dark Shades Wooden Venetian Blinds



Dark Shades Wooden Venetian Blinds 

For a deeper, more earthy vibe, the darker shade range we carry comes in organic variants of this classic Venetian style that brings the best out of any home or work interior space. It’s all down to the ambience of your environment -- is the emphasis on natural elements? Then, possibly this colour range is for you.

Do you need a window feature that accentuates the existing interiors of your space? Make sure you choose the right “shade for your shades”. Take into account your general surroundings, the colour of the walls and furnishings before settling on the tone of the blinds you eventually choose. With the wide range of 10 dark shades we offer, there is no doubt there will be the perfect colour for you.

Go nuts here. There’s everything from Macadamia; Urban Brazil Nut; Dark Chestnut; Fired Walnut; Dark Walnut and Wood Hazel. As an example, the Aspen Grain Macadamia, a lighter brown, goes well with an organic interior. Go bold with Dark Chestnut to contrast with lighter elements in your environment. If you need more muted, darker colours to create a specific mood, the Urban Brazil Nut will blend in well. For extra measure there’s the woody tones of Paperback Maple, Auburn and CInder for more of a contrast. Consider these options when deciding on a shade that personalises your space.

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