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50mm Wooden Blinds


Light Shades Wooden Venetian Blinds 

If you are looking for a more natural style in the window areas of your home, office or getaway our light shades of wooden venetian blinds make the perfect fit to traditional looking rooms and décor. Offering natural wood styles with a choice of colours these stunning blinds give style, shade and privacy to the optimum.

Choose from our very natural and appealing Aspen grain English Oak shades for depth of colour and true wood style or if you are looking for something a bit lighter our Cheshire Oregan wooden blinds bring a more subtle wood shade to any room in your home or office. In contrast, our Sherwood Mellow Pine Venetian wooden blinds offer a brighter, deeper tan colour to any room bringing your window area to life, especially against subtle coloured walls and accessories. For areas with a retro or more modern environment our Sherwood Whitewash blinds offer an almost ‘beach house’ look to stylish clean lines and large open spaces. Lighter shades tend to be popular with more subtle or traditional looking environments showcasing these stunning wood blinds in their most natural and functional state, ideal for rooms of neutral or soft pastel colouring and design.

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