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Green Blackout Blinds

Green is the most common colour in Nature and is related to fertility, harmony and freedom. It is said to be the most soothing colour on the eye, Depending on the shade, you can either use green to create different illusions -- a fresh grass green can lift “muddy” colours in an interior, yet darker greens can create a warm and enveloping dimension.

If you’re on the Blackouts trail, but are hell-bent on dressing your windows in green, then you have come to the right place. Memphis Green in Blackout is a solid blind with a youthful air. It is crisp and uncomplicated and would work well in an open plan living area, a youngster’s bedroom and even in a large, modern workplace. Memphis goes deeper with Peacock, a shade reminiscent of the shimmering green of peacock feathers. This would contrast well with neutral colours such as creams, off-whites and beiges. A “screaming green” is has to be the acid-hued Vitra Envy. If your interior is edgy and futuristic, try this one out for size. It’ll keep out prying eyes and glare, but it will certainly turn heads.

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