Grey & Black Pleated Blinds


Grey and Black Pleated Blinds  

As with white, grey and black can be something of a common denominator in the world of interior design and colour use because it really can go with just about any decorating scheme. Our distinctive grey and black pleated blinds have been created to make the maximum use of this principle through the use of Dark Charcoal and Henley Stripe Grey.

Very few home interior designers or decorating enthusiast would argue that black works well in any setting especially when contrasted with whites and other paler shades of colour. Both plain coloured walls and more ‘fussy” designs can be enhanced through the innovative use of black or grey and our grey and black blinds are perfect for the job. The other big advantage that comes with grey and black (along with other deep hues) is that they provide a stark contrast when set against the minimalistic whites that are used so much in modern home office interior designs. Nothing looks quite as striking as our grey or black pleated blinds when they hang against the sharp bright white of PVC windows and doors. Our white pull chains also combine well with these darker shades and in doing so they work to add another level of colour coordination. 

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