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Roller Blinds

Acacia Ice Acacia Ice

Acacia Ice

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Semana Ice Semana Ice

Semana Ice

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Vibe Ivory Vibe Ivory

Vibe Ivory

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White Roller Blinds

When is white not only just white? Here In this range, it could also be a variety of patterns on a simply white background and different textures to give your window that extra bit of interest. Our “White” rollers can also be effective behind curtains, especially if you want to allow sunlight in, but need to insulate against cold and rain.

Daylight rollers behind curtains can be a practical solution, especially if you want to insulate against the cold. They look more stylish than nets, and they’re not as chunky or pricey as shutters.There are over 40 choices in our White section, so there should be a roller blind in there to suit your style and requirements.
You can keep it simple and as white as white with our Roxy Frost or Acacia Ice rollers; then there’s Corsica White, with a subtle blue tinge; or Vibe Ivory, which is white with an element of warmth.

On the other end of this spectrum there’s the trendy Cape Cod Indigo, a blue and green vertical striped blind on a white background or the more classic flower-embossed Willersley Bright White.
 If you need extra light, then there’s a good choice, including the semi-transparent Solice Whisper or the faded vertical striped Vespa Snow.

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