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Yellow Roller Blinds


Yellow is a cheerful colour representing sunshine and teamed up with more neutral tones, it can illuminate your home or office space. It’s certainly a less-is-more colour and used be used strategically, which is why one of our yellow roller blinds, might be all you need to add that splash of colour.


Use yellow as a secondary colour and it is particularly successful with greys and slates and even paired with natural wood. It is becoming a popular choice in kitchens and childrens’ playrooms, where bolder is often better. And if you want to create an uplifting mood in your workspace, yellow blinds will do the trick. We’ve put together a spectrum of yellows from the subtle lemon Roxy Dawn to the deep Acacia Buttercup. Somewhere in the middle is our Easton Lemon and Annie Gold.

If you need just a hint of yellow then our Treviso Citrine roller blind, with its delicate yellow-gold vertical pattern against slate grey could be a good compromise. This high-end blind fits in well with a contemporary interior theme. If you don’t plan to splash out too much on a feature window then   an alternative is the Acacia Canary. It isn’t patterned, but it does a touch of gold to it, giving your space a sophisticated vibe without breaking the bank.

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