Waterproof Vertical Blinds

Pvc Waterproof Vertical Blinds

Made on a quality robust powder coated aluminium headrail with quality controls. Up to... 411cm wide in 89mm fabric width in a blackout easy to clean waterproof fabric

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Patterned Pvc Vertical Blinds

Easy To Wipe Clean Ideal For Bathrooms

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Waterproof Vertical Blinds Features


If you need to modulate the amount of sunlight that comes into your bathroom or kitchen but are worried about mess and mold damaging your drapery, our Waterproof Vertical Blinds are the solution. Made from robust materials and coming in a huge range of colours, patterns and fabric finishes, these wipe clean Waterproof Vertical Blinds bring functionality into your space with style and individuality.


This 89mm louvre vertical blind can be cut to widths of 411cm and come in a variety of drop lengths, you can find a Waterproof Vertical blind to fit almost any utility room in your house or commercial space. The powdered white aluminium headrails, along with quality corded draw controls and beaded tilt controls, provide durability but also offer the ease of maintenance of easy clean PVC. This not only means that you get a long lasting blind, you are also have the added benefit of blocking out almost all incoming light when fully drawn. Our mold and moisture resistant Waterproof Vertical blinds are made from premium quality materials and are manufactured to the highest standard so we can be confident to offer you a 3-year guarantee so you can have faith in your purchase.

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