Beige Waterproof Blinds


Beige Waterproof Blinds


This is the age when bathrooms are being designed to incorporate elements of Nature. There’s tiles which invite the natural trend into your home and these include limestone, Indian stone and even slate.

If you have that all sorted, you are ready to decide on your window dressings. It is likely you want to be at the front-line of contemporary design, but need to take practicalities into the equation.


What you choose for your windows must meld in with your interior design choice, but also be durable and easy to clean. Our beige Waterproof blind options step in to provide just that.


Our Unilux Linen waterproof blind will work perfectly with a rustic-inspired layout. It’s clean and unobtrusive. It possesses the natural textures to stand beside any organic surround. Just bear in mind, that this is not only a tasteful choice, it is a practical one too. Waterproofs are easy to clean with their PVC backing.


If you need to add a dimension to your interior then the Albany Beige waterproof blind is a contender. It’s got subtle, chunky vertical stripes, to break up block colour.


If you want to incorporate a blind which delivers warmth, but have an overall blue theme, then Diva Intimate, beige, with a hint of blue, is an excellent choice.

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